The Moving Wall
Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Coming to Touro Park, Newport, RI

1959 – 1975

Our nation honors the courage, sacrifice and devotion to duty and country of it’s Vietnam Veterans.

History of the Vietnam War

The history of the Vietnam War is complicated and lengthy. No matter what an individual’s thoughts about the war itself, it cannot be argued that thousands of people died and many more were casualties, prisoners of war or missing in action.

In order to begin to acknowledge the sacrifices made during the Vietnam War a memorial was conceived. In late 1982 the Vietnam Memorial was completed in our nation’s capital. This was a step in the right direction toward healing the figurative wounds we incurred from the very unwanted war.

It took a few more years before the dream could be realized for a version of this memorial to reach beyond those who had the means to travel to DC and so The Moving Wallwas born in 1984. Thanks to John Devitt, a Vietnam Vet himself and a small group of his dedicated friends.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

The Moving Wall is a two hundred forty three feet long replica, about half the size of the original on the National Mall.

The replica has a unique modular design that allows for portability. It has been touring the cities and towns across the US for 34 years leaving an imprint of education, healing, acknowledgement and inspiration.

The environment at The Moving Wall Vietnam Veterans Memorial needs to be:

  • Be reflective and contemplative in character;
  • Harmonize with its surroundings;
  • Make no political statement about the war;
  • Neither the organizers or any other vendors may use this time or location for profit.

As the Vietnam War generation is getting older it seems important to give every opportunity for healing those remaining personal wounds.

Paul said, As a Vietnam veteran myself, I am familiar with the environment encountered by Vietnam vets returning home. We did not receive the nation’s gratitude nor the public’s respect for our military service as veterans do now and as they did before that unpopular war. Very often returning Vietnam veterans were vilified.”

Tentative Schedule

  • September 19 at 9 a.m. escort onto island to setup location
  • Candlelight vigil  at 6:30 p.m.
  • Taps at sundown each night
  • September 20, Opening Ceremony, reception to follow
  • Various ceremonies and speakers
  • September 23 Closing ceremony

Call for Volunteers and Support

  • We will be creating an organizing committee representing different stakeholders and participants
  • The committee will need to establish contacts with veterans organizations, city leadership, educational institutions, and local businesses.
  • Volunteers are required on site during entire stay of the memorial to provide assistance to visitors searching for names, professional emotional and grief support, site security, and safety with first responders on site.
  • The cost to bring the Wall to Newport will be approximately $50,000. This will cover the fees of the Wall and all infrastructure and security needed per the Moving Wall agreement.
  • We hope to welcome sponsors at varying levels of financial commitment or in kind services. Please let us know if you are interested.

If you are interested in helping with this important community wide project and have questions please call 846.0698.

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